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New Jersey’s Seasoned Expert Investors, Glen & Paul Gallucci

and NJREIGroup “Wholesalers and Rehabbers” Presents ….



Saturday June 17, 2023

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Crown Plaza Hotel

50 Kenny Place, Saddle Brook, NJ


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What if….

You could spend a day with an EXPERT investor, rehabber, contractor, and Wholesaler….. listen in on their years of knowledge and experience on EXACTLY how they Analyze their investment choices, purchase price, repair costs, along with the pros and cons of how to renovate a house including their exit strategies…. All in ONE Day?

Conducting the Rehab Bus Tour is NJ’s leading experts, Investors and Rehabbers and Private Lenders, Glen and Paul Gallucci. There will also be guest hosts including successful investor, contractors and investor friendly real estate agents.

Glen is the NJ Originator of the Rehab Bus Tour and has conducted.....Over 43 Sold Out Rehab Bus Tour Events for over 20 years! And Paul Gallucci is an accomplished investor being an expert on analyzing deals and structuring private money loans, even for beginning investors or those with poor credit.

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The Agenda:

We Visit 3 houses followed by an afternoon workshop where we cover such topics as:


Wholesaling Explained/Retailing Explained – PLUS!!!

Learn How to Submit Your Deals to CASH HUNGRY INVESTORS  for HUGE FEES


Doing Deals with Your Money, Some of Your Money, None of Your Money

You’ll learn the financing options available to you and how to best take advantage of each one!


How to Ensure Your Ultimate Protection for Getting Paid

This is an absolute must-have on every one of your houses


How to Determine the After Repaired Value of Any House

I’ve made it so easy even a fifth-grader could do it yet so many get this wrong!


Learn About General Contractors vs. Handymen

They are very different … find out which one to use and when to use them!


My Easy-to-Use Ultimate Profitable Buying Formula

Learn this and your earning big profits on every deal will be practically guaranteed! Wholesalers and Investors MUST be able to use this simple formula correctly. Many use something similar but leave out the important facts!


How to Get Bigger Rehabber Profits

Simply knowing what to do and what NOT to do can have a tremendous positive impact on your earnings!


Selling the House

Extremely helpful techniques for faster sales and highest sales price!


How to Make Huge Profits Part Time and Bigger Profits Full Time

Follow these tips and you’ll be amazed at how easy it really is to earn tons of cash through real estate investing!


Quick House Inspections - Good Deal or Pass 

You may be very surprised at what you learn here! This is a must for the successful Wholesaler and Investor!


Understanding Comparable Sales of Other Houses

Gain a good understanding of this concept and watch your profits soar! Many beginners and experienced investors overlook.


How to Do Quick Rehab Estimates

Even if you have never done them before and can’t use a calculator!


How to Easily Determine the Costs of Installing Kitchens, Baths, Windows, Roof, Siding, Carpet, and More

All you need to understand is basic grade school math thanks to my simple, innovative system that breaks down even the most complex deals! This is where you can make huge fees!


The Secret to Getting Bigger Wholesaler Profits

Other investors don’t want you to know this!. We spill the beans!


Learn How to Make Profitable Offers

Follow these simple negotiation tips to ensure you receive maximum profits on every deal you do!


The 13 Monster Problems to Avoid!

The 10 Common Rehab Mistakes…..And Much, Much More

Register Now and Get 6 FREE Bonuses at the Workshop!

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Forms 2.jpg


28 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

You Only Need One to Become Successful


Property Estimate Cost Guide

Quick Pricing Great for Wholesalers


Property Inspection Guide

Quick House Inspection Form for Wholesalers and Rehabbers


Contractor Payment Schedule and Contractor Agreement

Example of a completed draw schedule for contractors


Calculating Rehab Cost Guide Including

Complete Estimate Cost Guide!

Roofing – Flashings – Chimneys – Exterior Siding – Pavers – Driveways – Painting – Decks – Garages – Fence – Gutters – Windows – Doors – Sheetrock – Wood Floors- Tile – Kitchens – Bathrooms – Appliances - Plumbing – Heating Systems – Air Conditioning – and more!


Step by Step Overview of Rehab Process

The 12 Steps to a Successful Rehab

Here are Just a Few Attendees Who Have Profited From Our Training Tours and Workshops!

“At closing next month, I’ll walk away with a $67,000 profit”

- Bonnie L.

Plus we will show you how to:


Success of two young investor students who completed our bus tour and workshop and pocketed over a cool $50,000 in 4 months!

...And Did it Again 3 More Times with even Better Results!

"In the Bus Tour and Workshop, you learn how the pros do it, most importantly Glen and Paul get really specific on what not to do!"

"I highly recommend this bus tour and workshop if you're serious... about being serious"


- Eddie & Kyle Lopez

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Join Our Successful Rehab

Bus Tour and Workshop Students!


“Glen taught last night's seminar for over 200 investors and he certainly got my attention!...and the response was awesome! I've been getting emails all day telling me how good Glen was and people wanted to hear more from him. So I’m bringing him to New York to teach a large audience of my best students. I promise you this is a seminar no real estate investor should miss.”

- From the Desk of:  William Zanker, President of the NYC Learning Annex

Glen and Paul Gallucci, actively buys, rehabs and sells residential properties. They have invested, renovated and built numerous residential and commercial projects during their 30-year career. Well-diversified businessmen; Glen and Paul are also engaged in real estate education. From the trenches, and with their down to earth "tell it like it is" format, their business experience proves invaluable for the beginner as well as the seasoned investor regarding the successful structure of real estate investing. Glen and  Paul simply knock out the “fear factors” of short term real estate investing! Glen and Paul are the Host of the NJ Real Estate Investors Group topping 4,300 members! Their annual bus tour of their investment properties have been featured on the front page of the real estate section of the New York Times®.

This Bus Tour / Workshop is Sponsored by:

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Join us for this Educational Bus Tour and Workshop

Bus Seating and Workshop Seats are Limited – Register Early Before it’s Sold Out Again!

Regular Pricing for The Bus Tour and Workshop: $679.00

SAVE $200 if You Register Early PLUS Receive your 6 FREE Bonuses


Now for Limited Time: Your Investment is Only $479.00!

Register Now, Save Your Seat

and Get Your FREE Bonuses!

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