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Ever Wonder How to Wholesale or Buy, Fix and Flip Houses But Don’t Know How or Where to Get the Money? 


Give me one day and I will show you how  YOU can make $5,000 to $20,000 in the next 30 days just like my other students! 

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Plus…How to Make $30,000 to $50,000 in the Six Months!

No Money?...No Credit?...No Experience?.....NO Problem!

The Wait and Anticipation is Over…I’m Doing it Again!


Announcing Glen Gallucci’s…

“Double Decker 

Insider’s Investing Workshop” 


“The Ultimate Wholesaling and Investing

Cash Generating Programs Ever Created”



Register Here

(This event is light years ahead of any seminar, boot camp, real estate investing course or mentor program you've ever seen, heard of, or been to!)

Join me Saturday February 9th in Newark NJ

for an information-packed one day workshop!

Learn how to make money easily and quickly by locating properties (the right way) for Hungry Cash Buying Investors…...Like me!


Let me show you how YOU can now profit from being an investor even if you have 

little money, no time and no experience!

***No one else on the PLANET is offering 

this training and these opportunities!***

Come join us and profit with us and our past successful students...

One Phone Call Made us $5,000!


Then We Did it Again for Another…$10,000! 

Thanks Glen

Mike and Marcia O’Connor

Secaucus, NJ


Thank you for the Workshop!

Enjoying my $10,000 Wholesaling fee!

Corey B

Clifton, NJ

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I took the workshop in Spring 2017 with Glen Gallucci of Peak Private Lending, by December 2017 I did my first Buy, Fix and Flip and made over $30k in profit, then two months after did a Buy, Fix and Hold for rental income, I also closed on two other properties three months later that was funded by Peak Private Lending and currently have over 6 active projects.


Thanks to Glen and his team I gained the knowledge and education necessary to succeed in this market. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone in real estate looking to get a competitive edge in this business.


Shakhir B
Union, NJ

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Glen is considered to be "The Most Recognized Investor in the Tri State Area."  

     Glen actively buys, rehabs and sells residential properties. He has invested, renovated and built numerous residential and commercial projects during his 30-year career which makes him an authority in the hype filled world of real estate investing.

     Glen is the Host of the New Jersey Real Estate Investing Group “Wholesalers & Rehabbers” in New Jersey, Board advisor to the Greater Westchester Real Estate Investors Association in NY and currently the Host of the Central New Jersey Real Estate Open Exchange networking organization in Central New Jersey. A well diversified businessman along with being an in demand speaker; Glen is also engaged in real estate education. 

     From the trenches, and with his down to earth "tell it like it is" format, his business experience proves invaluable for the beginner as well as the seasoned investor regarding the successful structure of starting a wholesale or rehabbing business. Glen offers a complete wholesale affiliate program as well as Turn Key Investment Strategies for his investing clients. Glen’s annual bus tour of his investment properties has been featured on the front page of the real estate section of the New York Times™.            

Dear Friend,

I am going to get right to the point – I want you to give up a few dollars and an entire day of your time.  Why in the world would you do that?  Good question!  Let me answer it for you in TWO words – “YOUR FUTURE”.

If you are serious about using real estate to create both QUICK CASH and long-term financial security for you and your family, you must attend my "Double Decker Insider’s Investing workshop" on Saturday February 9, 2019.  

I’ll admit this even is not for everyone. It’s not for people who don’t have ambition.  It’s not for people who have no desire to “hustle” to make more money.  It’s not for people who do nothing about their financial situation and have no drive to succeed. 

This is PRECISELY why I am inviting YOU!  You are what I call a “TEN PERCENTER” – someone who is smarter and more motivated than 90% of the people in your town.  

That’s good news, but I have a challenge for you – I want you to become a “FIVE PERCENTER”.  A five-percent is someone who makes things happen while the other 95% sit around and wonder, “what happened to my life?”  I am asking you to invest a few dollars and one day of your life to BECOME A FIVE-PERCENTER!

Real estate is STILL the #1 fastest and easiest way to earning quick cash with little or no money as well as offering long term security. But, not all forms of real estate investing are equally profitable!  Come to this incredible Real Estate Workshop and learn the most profitable real estate investing strategies for this year and beyond! Many of the old formulas and methods are no longer working! 

"If you can only listen to one real estate guru - make it Glen Gallucci …"

“You will learn more invaluable information in 5 minutes from Glen than you will in 5 hours from anyone else. He's done it all - wholesaling, rehabbing, financing, joint-venturing - and he shares his vast reservoir of experience, including mistakes to avoid, in the most tell-it-like-it-is presentation you will ever hear."

- Bruce Baker, Real Estate Appraiser and Investor, Westfield, NJ 

Just Starting Out? or….just need some cash next month?


Learn how to make money easily and quickly every month regardless of your cash position or credit rating.

Are you a beginner with limited funds or limited experience? Do you want to make cash right now from real estate without waiting for appreciation? Are you looking for NEW ways to profit in today's market? Do you need a game plan to jump-start your real estate business?

Or maybe you’re an experienced investor looking to make some extra cash on a monthly basis while waiting for some of your house to sell.

If you answered "yes," to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

There are 3 things you need to earn cash every month:

  • Desire

  • Education

  • Team of Experts to Back you up

Well guess what?

I can provide the education and team of experts you need right at this workshop. You only have to bring your DESIRE!

You have....No money or expert knowledge and just can’t seem to get started?

You do have....Some money but just not exactly sure how and where to start?


Learn How YOU can Wholesale or Buy and Sell Deeply Discounted Bank Owned Properties and Foreclosures without using a Hammer or Lifting a Finger!


Glen Gallucci is an Expert Real Estate Investor with 30 years’ experience!

Attend My Unique One-Day Workshop

Jump Start Your Investing Career Today!

Here's a sneak preview of what’s on the agenda for this fantastic Feb 9th event:

  • Wholesaling Explained/Retailing Explained
    You’ll learn the fundamentals you need to know to establish a solid foundation for future success!

  • How to Make Huge Profits Part Time and Bigger Profits Full Time
    Follow these tips and you’ll be amazed at how easy it really is to earn tons of cash through real estate investing!

  • Developing Your Professional Team of Experts -
    Putting together a team of professionals is an extremely important step toward succeeding beyond your wildest dreams … find out how to do it quickly and easily here!

  • Marketing Your Business
    Follow these tips to drastically reduce your marketing expenses while dramatically increasing your profits! This is so important yet very few even attempt it!

  • How to Get Sellers Calling You
    This tip will jumpstart your wholesaling and investing career and put you on the fast track to success!!

  • How to Make Sure Your Deals are Profitable
    You’ll learn how to quickly analyze any deal and determine how much you can charge Investors!

  • Doing Deals with Your Money, Some of Your Money, None of Your Money
    You’ll learn the financing options available to you and how to best take advantage of each one!

  • Why Your Credit Doesn’t Matter
    Discover how you can easily become a successful real estate locator or investor with no money, bad credit and no job!

  • Quick House Inspections Are They a Good Deal or Should You Pass on Them
    You may be very surprised at what you learn here! This is a must for the successful Wholesaler!

  • How to Ensure Your Ultimate Protection
    This is an absolute must-have on every one of your houses … find out what it is here!

  • Understanding Comparable Sales of Other Houses
    Gain a good understanding of this concept and watch your profits soar! You will learn it here!

  • How to Determine the After Repaired Value of Any House
    I’ve made it so easy even a fifth-grader could do it yet so many get this wrong!     

  • How to Do Quick Rehab Estimates
    Even if you have never done them before and can’t use a calculator!

  • How to Easily Determine the Costs of Installing Kitchens, Baths, Windows, Roof, Siding, Carpet, and More --

 All you need to understand is basic grade school math thanks to my simple, innovative system that breaks down even the most complex deals! This is where you can make huge fees!

  • Learn About General Contractors vs. Handymen
    They are very different … find out which one to use and when to use him here!

  • My Easy-to-Use Ultimate Profitable Buying Formula
    Learn this and your earning big profits on every deal will be practically guaranteed! Wholesalers and Investors MUST be able to use this simple formula correctly!

  • The Secret to Getting Bigger Wholesaler Profits
    Other investors don’t want you to know this!. We spill the beans!

  • How to Get Bigger Rehabber Profits
    Simply knowing what to do and what NOT to do can have a tremendous positive impact on your earnings! And my secret response to buyers upon their offer is incredibly profitable!

  • Learn How to Make Profitable Offers
    Follow these simple negotiation tips to ensure you receive maximum profits on every deal you do!

  • Exactly What to Say to Sellers and REO Agents
    Learning this will put you a step ahead of the competition and get the best deals!

  • Selling the House
    Extremely helpful for Wholesalers as well as Investors where you sell the house fast with this secret plan that actually uses real estate agents!

"You are one of the best educators out there and you are definitely a 'Seasoned Investor'." 

"Your course is a textbook for real world investing and a must for anyone who is serious about their real estate business. You've made a huge difference in our lives. God Bless and Best wishes." 

- M. L., Bronx, NY 

“Thanks Glen,

I was very excited to make $15,000 for my fee for only a few days work!”

Tunde Dada, Newark, NJ      

Here it is……My DOUBLE DARE OFFER? 

  1.  After the Workshop you can profit on your own, and if you need, we will be your private lender supplying the funds!


    OR..... If you have little time, experience or just need some expert assistance along the way…..


   2. YOU can team up with my real estate company and…we can make money together!


Remember….YOU and I can profit as a team! .. Just like we do with our other students.

So It’s up to you! …………


It is all part of my new upgraded programs!

That’s right…After the day’s training, you will qualify to be part of my two cash generating programs I’ve completely mastered!

Find out all about it February 9th!

Learn the 2 Investing Methods to Jump Start

Your Real Estate Investing Career!

Register Now for Expert Real Estate Investor Glen Gallucci’s

“Double Decker

Insider’s Investing Workshop”


“The Ultimate Wholesaling and Investing

Cash Generating Workshop Ever Created”


Register Here

Since I will be offering you an opportunity to work directly with my real estate company, I must strictly limit Registrations.

This will NOT be a 100 to 150 person workshop like the others!

My team can only work with a limited number of serious investors! Once the Seating is Filled….

The Workshop Will Be Closed!

Oh My Gosh! I almost forgot the FREE BONUSES!

If You Sign Up Now Before the Registration Closes You Will Also

Receive These Valuable FREE Bonus Gifts:

·        Free Bonus #1 ($50.00 value) 20 Common Wholesaler Questions & Mistakes to Avoid


·        Free Bonus #2  ($50.00 value) 25 Common Mistakes by Investors  & How to Avoid Them

Picture1- Q&A.jpg
Picture2- The 25.png

·  Free Bonus#3 ($750 Value) FREE evaluation of your next 3 deals. For an additional 30 days, my team will evaluate three of your deals when presented on our wholesale forms and offer any suggestions and recommendations that I may have. You won’t be alone! You can email or fax the information and my team and I will analyze the deal just like it was our own. In short, we will give you that extra little push you need to achieve success faster than you ever dreamed possible!


As Always.. for the comfort of our attendees, there will be

No Walk in Registrations Allowed!


This is not a $39, $69 or $79 General Workshop.

Everyone would want to come!

This workshop is easily worth $597.00!

But Glen has a special offer until the limited first round of registration closes.


First Round Registrations Get the Following Special Offer


While it Lasts!

We expect it to close quickly so don’t delay!

“Double Decker

Insiders Investing Workshop”

Here it is!


Sign up today and for an incredibly low price of $197.00

That's right, sign up now and you'll pay just $197.00!

***Bring Your Spouse or Partner for FREE***



For the Comfort and Personalized Format This is strictly a limited seating workshop



Ramada Hotel

160 Frontage Road

Newark, NJ


Glen's Signature.png
Registration: 8:45am
Workshop: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Lunch: 12:00 - 12:30pm 

Glen Gallucci


Register Here

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