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Glen Gallucci

Real Estate Expert

Glen Gallucci, Founder and CEO of Peak Properties, LLC and
Peak Private Lending, is an expert real estate investor and educator in the quick turn real estate market.
He has over 30 years of “ in the trenches” experience in successfully buying, renovating and selling distressed and bank-owned properties.

Glen is well-known in the New Jersey real estate market as “A Seasoned Investor”, with superior contacts in the real estate, foreclosure and financing industries.

Glen has been featured in the Real Estate Section of the New York Times  touring his investment properties. Glen hosts one of the largest real estate networking meetings in New Jersey with over 3000 members.

Paul Gallucci

Accomplished Real Estate Investor

Paul Gallucci is an accomplished, versatile and dynamic real estate professional with more than fifteen years of experience in the real estate and lending industries. Prior to forming the Peak brand,    Paul studied at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and began his career working on a trading desk for Goldman Sach’s. He gained experience in the origination, servicing and whole loan trading space while managing a multimillion-dollar portfolio of distressed assets for a private hedge fund. Paul developed a passion for real estate and the stabilization of local neighborhoods while assisting Glen Gallucci in local investment projects. 

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