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Glen Gallucci is an expert real estate investor and educator in the quick turn real estate market. He has a long list of credentials that make him an authority worth listening to in the hype-filled world of real estate investing.  He is a well-diversified businessman who has invested in, renovated and built numerous residential and commercial projects during his 30-year career. His expertise ranges from the successful creation of wholesaling and rehabbing businesses all the way to securing private lenders. He is one of today’s most well-financed and well-respected real estate investors, and he has been recognized as NJ’s premier direct private lender to real estate investors since 1998, earning him the title of “Mr. Private Lender.”  Glen has been featured as the New York Times® pick for touring his investment properties.

This is the number one problem. Many people just don’t get started. They have all kinds of excuses to keep them from getting their share of the profits in this business. Remember, you can’t steal second if you keep your foot on first! 

You have to get things started. You have to put the wheels in motion. Movement equals action equals activity, equals progress. This is essential in launching any successful business. Without activity on your part, nothing positive will happen for you.

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