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A Seasoned Investor Group Coaching Program 

Having a Coach is valuable and usually come with a high price but/however for you it doesn’t have to be!  

Try our hybrid group coaching model which is based on my mentor program... 

Your chance for total financial freedom (without any of the risk) is finally here:

• No long terms fees – you're not making payments, you're investing in a monthly subscription that you can cancel at anytime. Take it as far as you need to and stop when you reach your goals.

• You're held accountable with assignments – a guided, structured plan with proven step-by-step lessons that lead you to success every step of the way.

• Starts at convenient 4 month long semesters – just like a real school! This predictable format takes each member through beginner to intermediate to advanced stages for the most comprehensive training available.


• 24/7 access to A Seasoned Investors high-level membership site – Internet Real Estate Training with the most comprehensive and up to date, training materials. Only those who are in A Seasoned Investor mentor program have access... until now.

• Files, Videos and MP3s – of the most informative teleclass recordings, ebooks, PDF reports and training videos: available at your fingertips. This has only been available to the mentees of A Seasoned Investor high-level coaching program, but you will have full access as part of the group coaching classes!

• Live Q & A – ask the coach to clarify everything right on the call before moving forward. No one will be left behind. 

• Recorded archives – did you happen to miss a call? No problem. You'll have full access to the calls via recordings so you don't miss a thing. You'll even be able to send in assignments for grading after a missed call so you don't fall behind.

• Goes far beyond just 'Internet marketing' – we show you how to make a real living on the web with product creation, celebrity building, affiliate marketing and more. We will show you proven money-making techniques even beginners can profit from. 

• Networking opportunities abound – use the other members of the group to learn from, bounce ideas off of and make friends with. Networking and referrals are the #1 way people make their money on the web.

• Before you spend $10,000+ for a mentor program – try this first. Group coaching may be the most powerful way to see if your business ideas are even viable or if a mentor program could be a perfect fit for you BEFORE you make such a large commitment.


  • Bronze

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners
  • Silver

    Every month
    Perfect for immediate - seasoned investors...
  • Gold

    Every month
    Perfect from seasoned and experience investors...
  • Platium

    Every month
    Perfect for the experience investors...

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