A Seasoned Investor Testimonials

"If you can only listen to one real estate guru - make it Glen Gallucci. You will learn more valuable information in 5 minutes from Glen than you will in 5 hours from anyone else. He's done it all - wholesaling, rehabbing, financing, joint-venturing and he shares his vast reservoir of experience, including mistakes to avoid, in the most tell-it-like-it-is presentation you will ever hear.

Bruce Baker, Real Estate Appraiser and Investor

Westfield, NJ

"I have had the privilege to attend Mr Gallucci's presentations. We not only appreciate his professionalism and profound knowledge of real estate, but his easy going and charismatic personality that makes learning exciting and motivating."

Orestes and Delmarie Alvarez

New Jersey

"Glen has that uncanny ability to break down the field of flipping properties in such a way as to make it enjoyable, extremely interesting and easy to follow. I would recommend Glen highly to anyone seeking to proceed in the right direction in the field of Real Estate Investing"

Peter R. Hemingway, Real Estate Investor

Westchester, New York

"Thank you for all the valuable information, insight and motivational inspiration that you have provided us over the past year. You are one of the best speakers out there and you are definitely a "Seasoned Investor". You've made a huge difference in our lives. God Bless and Best Wishes"

Alvin & Marlene Lambert, Realtors

Presidents, GWREIA Greater Westchester Real Estate Investor's Association NY

”The insights you get from Glen are priceless!”

“A must for anyone thinking of investing in any area of real estate. The insights you get from Glen are priceless!”
Dorian Abreu
Huntington, NY

"By far the best investment we have made"

“We just wanted to drop you quick note, Thank you for your presentation it was informative and funny at the same time. Sue and I purchased Carlton Sheets and Robert Allen, but yours is by far the best investment we have made. Just after the workshop we started going through the material Wow is it great. Thank you again we want to do the mentoring program as well.”

Al and Sue Bernier, Realtors

W. Caldwell, NJ

"Charismatic personality which makes learning exciting and motivating"

My wife and I have had the privilege to attend Mr. Gallucci's meetings. We not only appreciate his professionalism and profound knowledge of real estate, but his easy going and charismatic personality which makes learning exciting and motivating.   

Orestes and Delmarie Alvarez

New Jersey

"First speaker that motivated me"

“I went to a few a seminars, this was the best by far. Glen is the first speaker that motivated me and made me believe that this is all possible.”

Thank you Glen

Amilo Boucher,

Paterson, NJ

I can now walk into a house and in 20 minutes have a ballpark estimate of repairs. Without a doubt Glen has been a major contributor to my Real Estate education. Most importantly he has removed the Fear of the unknown when walking into an ugly house.”
Mohit S. Jain, Edison, NJ

“Very clear and interesting. Kept my attention.”

Alicia-Ann Caesar, Irvington, NJ

“Glen’s information is “real world” to our market and very simple to follow. Excellent introductory view”

James Cundari, Belleville, NJ

"Glen is more than A Seasoned Investor. He is also a Mentor and a fabulous speaker and a teacher.

                       He is Simply the Best."

Patricia Reaves, Realtor

Past President, GSREIA, Garden State Real Estate Investors Association, NJ

“A privilege to listen to and learn from!”


“Real world, streetwise know-how delivered with humor and wit, and combined with down-to-earth advice and guidance that comes from years of experience makes Glen Gallucci, a truly Seasoned Investor, a privilege to listen to and learn from!”
Marlene Green
Jersey City, New Jersey

"A Very dynamic speaker"



“I attended the Commerce Bank conference on Oct 29th and was part of the audience in your Foreclosure 101 seminar.  You were a very dynamic speaker and had every ounce of my attention.   I wanted to speak to you after the seminar but you were surrounded by almost 20 people.



"Works like a recipe for a cake....I'll make about $65k"

Glen’s course material has been the guide for me to get started investing in real estate. It works like a recipe for a cake. Just follow the directions. There is no guess work involved. Using his straight forward guidance, simple formulas and forms, I’m looking to make about $65k on just the two deals. And the year isn’t over yet……

Bonnie Ladds,


"Spoke in a language that I could understand"

“We met at the conference. I really enjoyed your presentation.  In essence you spoke in a language that I could understand.  There are many folks teaching this type of information but I think it is crucial for a newbie to learn from someone that can cause their light switch to turn on.”

Stacey M. Bailey,


“My husband John and I attended your seminar this Saturday (March 11 th) at the Glen Point.  The seminar was fun and very informative.  I did want to thank you personally for all the information you shared with us and we will now try to put it to work.”

Geri Sanowski, NJ

“I was very inspired by you and your stories.” 

Lee, NJ

“Glen,  Believe it or not, I haven't heard this "street smart" advice from ANY of the gurus I have listened to!  Glen, this is good stuff...Talk about Iron Clad! You have no idea how unique you are in terms of what you can teach that the gurus don't! Thanks again!  I owe you big time!”

Rob Dennison ,Plainfield, NJ

“Your presentation and examples were great”

Rob & Kristine Fox, Stony Point, NY

“The information was presented in a structured & interactive format. It was informative and entertaining.”

Cliff Brooks, Garrison, NY

“Great speaker, very good presentation, very informative, good amount of subjects covered.”

Carlos Santiago,Maplewood, NJ

“Glen hit all the important aspects. A lot of good information covered.”

Selina Hillenmayer, Realtor

Washington Twsp, NJ

Glen brings a mixture of humor and seriousness which is a benefit to all, and is very informative.   His expertise and honesty are greatly appreciated.

Michael & Marcia O'Connor, Realtor

Secaucus, NJ

I was very enthused by your natural talent for speaking, straight talk, smart-light-hearted demeanor, know-how and ability to connect with me and other folks at the Wholesale/Retail meeting last February from the ‘stage’, in person, and on the phone.

I am familiar with many of the Guru’s and their strategies and, in my opinion, you rank with the best because you’re walking the walk, talking the talk and helping others do the same while actually helping us do it. I believe that your new course will be a tremendous success.

John K. Flanagan, Rahway, NJ

“I’m convinced that I want to learn more of what Glen has to teach”

Dennis Gaynair, NY, NY

“All information is pertinent & important. Excellent presentation. I highly recommend Glen Gallucci.”

S. Daly, Franklin Park, NJ

Thanks for all the information you shared last Wednesday.
Probably better than any GURU they have had there.

Bobby K. Union, NJ

You have a way of making some complicated information very simple to understand and follow.

Frank M., GreenBrook, NJ

Thank you so much, you are awesome!

Mary and Art M,

Summit, NJ

And so many more just like this....

“Glen is very charming and down to earth.”


“You are very personable and approachable. That is a great trait”


“Clear presentation- open & candid answering of questions”


“I liked Glen’s relaxed and humorous way of conveying the information”


“Glen is interesting, fun and knowledgeable speaker.”


“Very comprehensive explanation of subject.”


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