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I was fortunate to have grown up watching my father run a large construction company in New York City. At an early age I was spending summers “on the job” learning all the aspects of construction, from excavating the huge holes and pouring the foundations for skyscraper buildings along with completing some complex interiors as well.  Getting older I experienced all sorts of negotiation techniques with developers, union delegates, inspectors, city officials and so many more. Eventually becoming a partner skyrocketed my experience and knowledge. 


Then branching out to NJ buying, fixing and selling residential homes with the knowledge learned all my life. The education I received was extensive and priceless. I started to share my 30 years of knowledge of investing over 17 years ago educating thousands of people. I love helping beginners as well as experienced investors become successful using my proven methodology and educational programs. I will continue to share my experience with all who are driven to succeed in this great business of real estate investing.



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