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Glen & Paul Gallucci Present

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How to Wholesale, Buy, Fix, and Flip Houses for Huge Profits!

How to Get "100% Financing" for your Deals!

Saturday January 27, 2024


"Our Past 10 Fast Track Workshops Have Produced So Many Successful
Students So ...

Paul & Glen GALLUCCI

Peak Private Lending
Real Estate Education

Reserve Your Seat

At this event, We Provide an Exact Blueprint with continued support to get you started making money quickly!

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January 27, 2024

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Crowne Plaza Hotel Saddle Brook
50 Kenny Place
Saddle Brook, NJ

Attend Our One Day Workshop
To Fast Track Your Real Estate Investing Career

How to Wholesale, Buy, Fix and Flip Houses for Huge Profits and How to Get...100% Financing for your Deals! Present by Real Estate Experts

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Glen Gallucci
Real Estate & Private Lending Expert

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Paul Gallucci
Real Estate & Private
Lending Expert

A Must for Beginners, Mid-Level and Experienced Investors

This event is light years ahead of any seminar, boot camp, real estate investing course, or mentorship program you've ever seen, heard of, or been to!

After this Training You Will Qualify

For the Peak Private Lending 2 Proprietary Programs:

100% Financing: for Your Real Estate Deals!

Everything About Joint Venture Deals

Peak Partnership Program: Partner with us...the 30-year Experts…. Peak Properties!

We Show You Exactly How it's Done!

and offer our

"Partner with Peak" Program for Beginners and Experienced Investors

Check Out the Agenda!
  • Wholesaling Explained/Retailing Explained

You’ll learn the fundamentals you need to know to establish a solid foundation for future success!

  • How to Make Huge Profits Part-Time and Bigger Profits Full Time

Follow these tips, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to earn tons of cash through real estate investing!

  • Developing Your Professional Team of Experts

Putting together a team of professionals is an essential step toward succeeding beyond your wildest dreams … find out how to do it quickly and easily here!

  • Marketing Your Business 

Follow these tips to reduce your marketing expenses while dramatically increasing your profits! This is so important, yet very few even attempt it!

  • How to Get Sellers Calling You

This tip will jumpstart your wholesaling and investing career and put you on the fast track to success!

  • How to Make Sure Your Deals are Profitable

You’ll learn how to quickly analyze any deal. How much to charge investors for wholesale fees! And how much profit is in it for you!

  • Doing Deals with Your Money, Some of Your Money, None of Your Money

You’ll learn the financing options available to you and how to take advantage of each one best!

  • Why Your Credit Doesn’t Matter

Discover how you can easily become a successful real estate locator or investor with no money, bad credit, and no job!

  • Quick House Inspections to Determine a Good Deal or Should You Pass on it

You may be very surprised at what you learn here! This is a must for a successful Wholesalers and Rehabbers!

  • How to Ensure Your Ultimate Protection

This is an absolute must-have on every one of your houses … find out what it is here!

  • Understanding Comparable Sales of Other Houses

Gain a good understanding of this concept and watch your profits soar! You will learn it here! We are experts in this area.

  • How to Determine the After Repaired Value of Any House

I’ve made it so easy even a fifth-grader could do it, yet so many get this wrong! And this is the KEY to the business.

  • How to Do Quick Rehab Estimates

Even if you have never done them before and can’t use a calculator! Never be stumped again on estimating repairs

  • How to Easily Determine the Costs of Installing Kitchens, Baths, Windows, Roof, Siding, Carpet, and More

All you need to understand is basic grade school math, thanks to my simple, innovative system that breaks down even the most complex deals! This is where you can make huge fees! A complete cost guide for all repairs!

  • Learn About General Contractors vs. Handymen 

They are very different … find out which one to use and when to use him here! This can make or break your profits!

  • My Easy-to-Use Ultimate Profitable Buying Formula

Learn this, and you earning big profits on every deal will be practically guaranteed! Wholesalers and Investors MUST be able to understand and use this simple formula correctly!

  • The Secret to Getting Bigger Wholesaler Profits

Other investors don’t want you to know this!. We spill the beans!

  • How to Get Bigger Rehabber Profits

Simply knowing what to do and what NOT to do can have a tremendous positive impact on your earnings!

  • Learn How to Make Profitable Offers

Follow these simple negotiation tips to ensure you receive maximum profits on every deal you do!

  • Exactly What to Say to Sellers and REO Agents

Learning this will put you a step ahead of the competition and get the best deals!

  • Selling the House

Extremely helpful for Wholesalers and Investors where you sell the house fast with this secret plan that uses real estate agents!

As a bonus: Learn the simple technique to get you $5,000 to $15,000 more....after you get an offer!

  • **NEWLY ADDED: Analyzing and Evaluating Rental Properties 

  • The guiding principles of evaluating multifamily and apartment buildings are completely broken down for easy analysis!

Why Should You Attend?

Quickly Learn: Analyzing Deals and Rehabbing for Profits by Glen and Paul Gallucci

  • Qualify for our 100% Financing Program! - No Credit or Experience is Needed!

  • Learn our Successful Joint Venture Program Earning Huge Profits for Everyone! - Even for Beginners!

  • Find out the 4 Best Types of JV Partners.

  • How to use Peak Properties for Your Support Team. Your Never Alone!

While we can’t teach you all we know in one day, we put together and "Mastered" a sure-fire agenda to “Fast Track” your learning with only the absolute most vital plan to get you up and running quickly! 

This is no holdback, no fluff, intense workshop to get you going fast!

Why We Conduct the Workshops?

Because...WE WANT TO BE YOUR PRIVATE MONEY LENDER!  (But under NO obligation to use us)

But as Your Lender, I am going to “Fast Track” Train You First. REGISTER TODAY!

And as a Bonus...You will qualify for our:

  • 100% Financing Programs

  • Partner with Peak Program

  • Proprietary Joint Venture Programs

Both Require NO Credit Checks or Experience!  

You Heard That Right!


No One on the Planet is Offering These Outrageous Bonuses Backed by

Peak Private Lending's Complete Support System!

We've Completed Dozens of these Deals with Past Students - Get Your Piece of the Pie!


With all the real estate clubs/workshops/seminars others are doing, our phones are ringing off the hook with new business so we are expanding to handle the influx of new borrowers and joint venture partners!


Let Us Train You… on how to Market, Wholesale or Buy, Fix and Flip Properties!

And Show You… How to Get all the Money Needed for Your Deals…Hassle-Free!


After over 30 years of flips, building projects, real estate deals, I’m now taking it easier…

BUT…I will now pass along all of my techniques and secrets of flipping houses to a select few serious and hungry investors who want to get started quickly in fix and flips.

eddie Hasbrook Heighjts.jpg
Glad Your Still
With Me!

Here is My Shocking Profitable Offer:

Learn Exactly how to get up to 100% Financing!

We show you how to get your own private lenders!

Or...after your training, you will qualify for our special Private Lending Program, which will include…up to 100% financing!  You heard that right!

Peak Private Lending will finance up to

100% of the accepted deal. 

No Credit, No Financials, No Problem!

And many other lenders think we’re NUTS!  But We’ve Done it Plenty of Times and with our help and support, our Investor/Borrowers Walked Away with Colossal Profits!

The latest success is two young investor students who completed our workshop and pocketed over a cool $50,000 in 4 months!

***And Did it Again 2 More Times with the Same Success!***

IMG_2099 (1).JPG

"In the Fast Track Training Workshop you learn how the pros do it, most importantly Glen and Paul get really specific on what not to do!"

"I highly recommend this workshop if you're serious... about being serious"

Eddie & Kyle Lopez

Join Our Successful Program!


8:30am to 5:00pm


How can we offer these programs? Because we have been successful real estate investors with a proven track record of hundreds of projects.

So even if you are not sure of things….We are!


It’s obviously in our best interest for you to succeedespecially when you are using OUR MONEY!


I am not going to hold anything back. I am known for my down-to-earth “tell it like it is” teaching style. As part of the training, you are NOT obligated to me or my company to use us in any capacity. Peak Private Lending is a premier private lender that specializes in loans for those who don't qualify with Banks and Hard Money Lenders. But, I will even show you how to get the funding from other sources.


You will also learn the difference between the two and when you should seek Private Money or Hard Money. They are both excellent ways to catapult your investing business.  We can hook you up with both!


Oh Wait!..

How about using both? Can you do that? Absolutely! You just need to know how!

 I will show you exactly how this is done. Even if you’re a ranked beginner with no experience! 

We Show you How to Enter into profitable JOINT VENTURE DEALS!

No one I know or heard of talks, teaches, or even understands how to use this powerful method of investing the way our program works. I developed this over 20 years ago.


I will go over the mysteries and proven techniques of the misunderstood but highly profitable investing method of doing Joint Venture Deals.


I even have this completely covered with my Proprietary JV Agreements that have an AMAZING formula others haven’t even thought of on how to split the profits!


Why?.... Because I’ve done countless JV deals over 30 years, I know what works, what doesn’t, and how to make it highly profitable for you!


Become eligible to join our proprietary partnership program..... for beginners and experienced investors.

Take advantage of our successful investing career and enjoy your profits just like many of our students have over the last 10 years!

Who Should be your JV Partner?

You absolutely want to do JV’s with…..Opps,  sorry, I can’t reveal it here! But I promise I will hold nothing back at the workshop including…Who they are, How does the split work?  How is everyone protected? What Documents are needed?.....I will cover it all and let me say this…


It’s absolutely mind-blowing!


I want to teach you how to set up JV deals because…   I Want to be the Private Lender to your JV!


Getting Excited Yet?

 Check this out!

  • We Train you on Finding, Wholesaling, Buying, Fixing and Flipping Houses.

  • We Train you on How to do Profitable Joint Venture Deals.

  • We Provide you with the Money to do the project.

  • We Show you How to get your own Private Lenders!




  • LITTLE EXPERIENCE  - Solution…We are in your corner as lender and advisers

  • NEED A TEAM TO ASSIST YOU – Solution…Use our team as it is in our best interest

  • NOT SURE ABOUT ANALYSIS –  Solution …We are experts and will analyzing deals

  • NOT SURE ABOUT REHAB COSTS- Solution…Use our prices and contractors

  • NOT SURE ABOUT THE LISTING PRICE – Solution -We Have in house realtors and the Best Investor Friendly Agents. We do most of the work!

Okay.....I am going to get right to the point – Your investment: $997.00


A Full Day of Training for Only $597.00

Reserve Your Seat Now!

( Bring a Partner/Friend or Spouse for Free)

So it's $597.00 for Two if you register NOW!

Why should you attend?  Good question! 

Let me answer it for you in Two words –  YOUR FUTURE.

Here's the Bottom Line

Everyone needs training and there are a lot of books, trainers, workshops and seminars being offered on all different subjects. But if you want to Buy, Fix, Flip, Finance and do Joint Venture Deals…

Why not learn from a seasoned 30 year successful investors?

This Fast Track Workshop training is NOT a Social Event, Networking Event, or even a Sit Back and Relax event. It’s for intense learning, note-taking, and taking action event getting all the tools you need to be successful starting next week!



"Glen and Paul have a long list of credentials that make them

an authority worth listening to"

NJ Investor and Real Estate Appraiser Bruce Baker
A Word from Glen

“At This Workshop, Paul and I are going to cover and show you things

you probably have not heard from other workshops, seminars or events!”

Why? For 30 years we have been investing the money we’ve made in a business we know inside and out. We are the “Private Bank” to our fellow investors. And with our 100% Financing and "Partner with Peak" program, the business is about to EXPLODE!  And you and I stand to make huge profits with these unprecedented programs.


The last two years have produced great profits

for our students as well as our company.

It's a 2-way street!  A true Win-Win situation for both of us.

That's the only way it should be!

CharissaHYongPhotography_Peak_Branding_Session_02042021 (For Web)-43.jpg
What Glen’s Past Students are Saying

"At closing next month, I'll walk away with a $67,000 profit. That is more than I ever would have dreamed possible one year ago. I am and will continue to be one of Glen Gallucci's greatest fans"

Stephanie L., New Jersey

Some of our Successful Students...

Why should you Pay so Much Money to Attend?

The answer is one you’ve heard all your life…You Get What You Pay For!

If it were $39, $69, or $97, we would have too many attendees limiting our ability to give personal attention and work with the serious investors.


So…Don’t settle for less than what you deserve!


And since we want to be you Private Money Lender using  money,

I want you to be taught by the best..... and in my opinion, it’s me!

And now you get an extra bonus...You now also get another expert investor...                    

It is my son, partner, and managing member of the Peak Organization, Paul Gallucci

***You now get two of the most successful expert fix & flip investors showing you exactly how to be a profitable Wholesaler or Rehabber.***

We Have Conducted Over 250 Seminars and Workshops!

We Know What Works!

Paul and Glen Rehab House.jpg

Do you think your future is worth $597 to learn from two expert investors?

We will show you in one day:


  • How to Find the Most Profitable Deals

  • Wholesale them or Keep them for Rehab

  • How to Analyze, deals the professional way

  • How to Use all the powerful, proven worksheets

  • How to do JV deals to make it easier and more profitable, including our proprietary agreements How to use the only built-in profit split formula ever designed, or even offered

  • How to answer over 20 questions when you seek other private lenders


PLUS - A Whole Lot More!

Reserve Seat

The Last 10 Events SOLD out FAST! 

"The Secret Of Success is To Recognize When an Opportunity is Knocking on your Door, Then open the Door and Act Upon It Immediately... As If Your Future Depended On It."

Venue: The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Address: 50 Kenny Place

Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Date: January 27, 2024

Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Peak Private Lending are Proud Sponsors of This Event!
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