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Our coaching method is built on a foundation of one-to-one interaction. This personalized approach promotes rapid learning, accountability and results. You get the attention, time and information you need.

Personal mentoring has a proven track record when it comes to getting people to operate their real estate business as a business rather than a hobby. Why? Because when you really need to learn something, books, tapes and even seminars only give you information and not the actual presence of a real time expert real estate investor.

They don't get you off the couch so you can actually start making money.

The accountability that comes from a personal mentor is so powerful, that it makes the difference between knowing what to do and actually getting it done.

Mentoring sessions are geared to meet each individuals specific needs. Each one of us faces different challenges. One person may have difficulty with crunching the numbers, another with motivation, and another may have trouble speaking with investors, contractors, etc. Glen’s personalized approach is what makes mentoring successful. It’s what can make you successful!

Motivation is a key factor in your success.

Let’s face it, when you’re busy with work and family, it’s difficult to stay committed. However, maintaining steady motivation is critical, particularly if you are purchasing your first property. The best person to motivate you and get you going is someone who has actual experience in the field, your mentor.

Accelerate your learning curve.

Personal Mentoring quickly gets you into investing. Many times students, who have had little success prior to mentoring, suddenly start buying properties. Why? Because individualized, mentoring fills in learning gaps, capitalizes on your strengths, and helps overcome your reservations about investing. Mentoring can quickly eliminate any of your fears about investing.

Quick access to give you the help you need.

Imagine finding a house at a bargain price, and the seller is motivated. You’re excited; you’re also very nervous! And the “what ifs” start to play their little game with your mind. What do you do? With the mentoring program you can relax-your mentor is just a phone call or email away.

The most challenging steps are getting started and then staying motivated until your deals are complete. Learning the methods of marketing yourself, getting the financing, networking and negotiating are intricate parts of the real estate business. Having a personal mentor to help you focus and measure your progress can motivate you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Here is the bottom line. You can attend all the different kinds of training you want but until you get down to the one-on-one level you won't begin to come close to the success rates personal mentoring achieves.

What Can I Expect From Your Program?

  • How to position yourself for profit-Glen's Secret Sauce to His Success!

  • Get the discipline you need. Easy with Glen's Approach.

  • The Buy and Hold Strategy vs. the Fix and Sell Strategy! Glen Shows  You How to Profit From Both!  

  • How My System Each And Every Year Will Work For You Regardless of the Economy! - Make Money in a Buyers or Sellers Market.

  • The Rock-Solid Rehab Buying Formula to insure success!- By Far the Key Ingredient to Successful Deals!

  • Master Your Negotiating Skills with Contractors/ Sellers/Private Lenders.

  • Acquire marketing skills. Being Ahead of the Competition!

  • Develop long and short term goals.

  • Personal assessment & evaluation. What is Best for You!

  • Role playing - Investors, Partners, Lawyers, RE Agents, Sellers, etc.

  • How to submit wholesale deals that achieve maximize profits for you!

  • Bird Dogging secrets revealed.

  • How to package yourself to secure private lending. 

  • Operate your investing business as a business.

  • Develop your team for top performance.

  • Take control of your future.

  • Gain confidence,

  • Eliminate the FEAR FACTORS.

  • Balance your career and personal time.

  • Personal in-dept rehab tour.

  • Evaluate potential deals. Listen to A Seasoned Investor's viewpoint.

  • How to develop a wholesale business.

  • How to get the fees you deserve and more!

  • How to package your loan for Hard Money.

  • How to pick partners and why.

Glen will guide you through a 3 month course with scheduled 2 ½ hour small group sessions each Monday night at a specified location. This is equivalent to two day or 15 hours of personal group mentoring! In between you will study and take action. You'll have access to Glen's private office phone line so that you can contact him for help. He will walk you through the rehab process until you are comfortable operating on your own. You will also be able to communicate with Glen via e-mail and fax in between sessions.


What Is The Cost?

The cost of this 3 month program was set at $6995.00.

This special offer is being made for the first group session at a savings of $1,000.00

Sign up Now for only…..$5995.00!

Glen will show you how to make this on your first wholesale deal or how to save this or more on your first rehab deal!

Includes all the course material as offered in the Seasoned Investors Guide (A $597.00 Value!)

Glen charges $750 per hour to give an extensive personal consultation.15 hours would cost $11,250.00. Even at that, you would soon discover the cost is insignificant in comparison to the money you will soon be making and or saving from your next rehab project.

***BONUS #1***

Glen is including his long sought after guide on

How To Answer the 75 Most Common Questions Private Investors Are Most Likely to Ask.



  1. How can you pay me so much interest and still make money?

  2. What if the real estate market drops?

  3. How much money do you need?

  4. What is your background?

  5. Can I run a credit check on you?

  6. What education do you have in the rehabbing business?

  7. Do you have any experience in rehabbing houses?

  8. Have you ever made money for another investor before?

  9. Will you use some of your money on a deal?

  10. How do you know how much to pay for the properties?

  11. What security do I get on the loaned funds?

  12. How often do I get paid?

  13. What references can you give me?

  14. How much time do I have to send the funds?

  15. Can you summarize the whole transaction from start to finish?


***BONUS #2***

Glen will personally speak with your potential private investor or potential partner!

***BONUS #3***

Glen will personally review your offers when faxed or emailed.

Will Glen Teach Anybody?

Sorry but NO. Glen is busy buying and selling houses and operating his own business and keeps his mentoring program sessions small and private.

Glen is ONLY accepting a LIMITED number of individuals for each session, whether they are just beginners, intermediate or experienced investors. Glen is holding this mentoring program only 2 times this year.

Why? Because Glen still actively buys and sells houses for himself!

Is There Any Preparation Before Starting the Mentoring Program?

Yes, Once you complete your application, Glen will interview you on the phone and if he agrees to mentor you, a more detailed questionnaire will be mailed to you. This multi page questionnaire will help assess where you are, where you want to be in Real Estate and what it will take to get you there. In addition, you will have studied Glen’s - A Seasoned Investor’s Guide - “How to make a Six Figure income Buying, Fixing and Flipping Distressed Houses” prior to his arrival for your "small group" meeting. This assures time is not wasted on information you could have learned from just studying the course.

You could probably hire someone for a few thousand dollars,
but you have got to ask yourself….

"If they are doing this for such a low fee,
are they really making any money themselves?”


If you pay a contractor too much for repairs on one house, how quickly could you exceed the cost of my course? In a heartbeat!

If lack of training makes you offer too much on a house, the difference will be thousands of dollars! Let me repeat that….the difference will be thousands of dollars!

What if you missed out on one deal and thousands in profit for you and your family because you didn’t know where to look or how to pre-screen an offer or how to sell quickly.


Why try it alone and without proper training. I virtually guarantee you will make many mistakes that will cost you many, many times the cost of my mentoring.
It is impossible to avoid them! Just ask anyone you know who is an active investor. The “School of Hard Knocks” is the most expensive school you can pay for. Tuition is really high! Not only in dollars, but both in loss motivation and esteem.

If you are the kind of person that won’t spend some money
on your future and all you care about is saving a few bucks,

Then take the cheap seat first.
The cheap seat always has the worst view.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve

Learn How to be a “PLAYER”

Find out if you qualify for…

Glen Gallucci’s



Mentoring Program

Become part of a “support” group with other members of this private club.

If you are interested in  applying for the next "Real Estate Players Club" mentoring session- Fill out the questionnaire below


Can't Wait?

Hire Glen for a Personal Two Day BootCamp & Mentoring Session


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